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  • Sushi Burger

    27th Sep 2019 by

    Fusion:East meets west — Sushi burger is a fusion dish which is becoming very popular now a days. I decided to make it with my personal twist. I combine iconic American burger and Japanese classic sushi roll with my favourite mutton kebab and crisp potato (Bengali style). For extra zing to the Sushi burger I… Read more

  • Cappuccino Mousse served in Chocolate cone with choco cookie crumbs

    7th Jul 2020 by

    Today on the World Chocolate day I have made this wonderful chocolate recipe to dedicate all chocolate lovers around the world. Dark chocolate is my favourite and I made dark chocolate cones and filled those cones with some cappuccino mousse and homemade chocolate cookie crumbs. I got the idea of making chocolate cones from waffles.… Read more

  • Frozen Salad Bar

    3rd Jul 2020 by

    This frozen salad is super yummy and unique salad recipe. During these hot sunny day if you are longing for some icecream, once you treat your family with a frozen healthy salad for a change. I am sure you will love to have them without any guilt. Recipe Preparatin time: 20 min Freezing time 1… Read more

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