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  • Sushi Burger

    27th Sep 2019 by

    Fusion:East meets west — Sushi burger is a fusion dish which is becoming very popular now a days. I decided to make it with my personal twist. I combine iconic American burger and Japanese classic sushi roll with my favourite mutton kebab and crisp potato (Bengali style). For extra zing to the Sushi burger I… Read more

  • Chicken Biryani

    26th Mar 2020 by

    Biryani  is an aromatic rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.It can be compared to mixing a curry, later combining it with semi-cooked rice separately. This dish is especially popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. It is made with Indian spices,basati rice,meat/chicken/prawn or fish. Vegetables and egg version of Biriyani is also availble. The word ‘Biryani‘ is… Read more

  • Om Ali/Umm Ali

    12th Mar 2020 by

    Om Ali is a famous Egyptian dessert made of puff pastry/crossiont/bread, milk, cream, assorted nuts and coconut. Om ali is also known as Umm ali or Umali.It is actually Egyptian version of bread pudding. It is really delightful dessert with a creamy and rich texture. There are numerous variations of Om ali with different composition.… Read more

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